Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ben's 2nd Birthday...

He loved it!!

Opening his gift... a cash register.

Beautiful baby blues!

I really like this picture.

We tried to include Ben but he was "busy"!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Benjamin's 2nd Birthday Pary...

We had Ben's 2nd birthday party at my mom and dad's on Sat Nov 14th. It went great and we all had a good time. Here are some pictures from our day!

Me and my baby!!!

The McQueen cake that I made! I think I did pretty good!

Red Velvet cupcakes with homemade cream cheese icing! Yep... I made them!

Yellow cupcakes with homemade coconut icing that... you guessed it... I made!!

Ben's smash cake that I made... even though he didn't care about smashing it at all!

Yep... I made that cake too! With HOMEMADE chocolate icing!

The cute Lighting McQueen candle mom got.

The great decorations that mom and Rachel did. Thanks yall.

Me and Les.

Me and Rachel.

Me and my mom!

"Hey dad..."

"Wait... you aren't my dad..."

The great grandmothers... Mamaw Kerr and Mimi #2. (Les' mom is Mimi #1)

All 3 of us from youngest... and tallest... to oldest... and yet the shortest! ha!

Rachel and Otis.

MSU and Ole Miss...

Rachel and Jeff.

Peggy and Mamaw Kerr.

Giving Aunt Rachel lovin'.

All the "men". ha

Just me!

Jeff gave him this mug set! It was SO cute!!

Opening Aunt Rachel and Uncle Otis' gift to him.

Handing him a little truck that he got.

Doing what he does best!

Playing with the truck Aunt Rachel and Uncle Otis gave him.

I thought Rachel was just getting a picture of the football... I look like I am trying to sell it! ha

Johnny and Otis liked the football.

The santa PJs that Linda got him.

The Cars plate set that we got him.

Showing Daddy.

And of coarse he wanted the cup out right then! ha

The dumb truck that Uncle Johnny gave him.

MY favorite gift!!! LOTS of clothes!

His favorite type of PJs... with the footies!

"HHhhmmmm... was that a car I saw"...

"Let's get that shoe back on you"...

"Let me give you a kissie"...

"Thank you Daddy"...

Writing down what everyone got him.

I pretty much opened his gifts since he was too busy playing and ignoring everyone.

Ben's first sleeping bag! Thanks Mimi.

Linda "getting" Ben.

Pop telling his wild story!

Brutis stealing sugar!

Jeff and Brutis.

My favorite people!

Words can't explain what these 2 men mean to me!

By the end of the party... he was so tired!